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Your hearing shouldn’t be limited by hearing aids. It should be helped! That’s why at Heidi’s Hearing Inc. we carry a full selection of hearing aids to fit almost any lifestyle and hearing issues. We even have hearing aids with bluetooth technology and rechargeable batteries.

Best yet, when you choose to purchase your hearing aids from us, you don’t have to decide on the best option for you right away. We offer both demonstrations and a trial period so you can test out the right option for you without committing. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you choose the hearing aid style that offers the features and benefits you need for your lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

Not every hearing aid is the same. We carry a range of styles to fit your needs.

  • In-The-Ear Hearing Aids
  • Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids with Custom Ear Mold Options
  • Bluetooth Compatible Hearing Aids
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Custom Hearing Protection

  • Swim Molds
  • Work – Construction/Industrial, Civil Service Protectors
  • Recreational Protection – Motorcycles, Shooting Range and Concerts
  • Musician Monitors


We carry all the top hearing aid brands to ensure that you purchase a product that will last for years to come. Click on the brand names below to learn more about some of the major brands we carry.

GNresound Logo Phonak Lofo Unitron Logo Signia Logo Starkey Logo Widex Logo Sonic Innvoations logo Oticon Logo Caption Call Logo

Assistive Devices

All of the brands we carry also have their own assistive devices. These devices are used to further help with phone and television. They can include companion microphones to help with conversation in restaurants, classrooms and meetings. Call for more information or make an appointment today.

Hearing Supplies

Our office will always carry hearing aid supplies for our patients as well as the general public, such as:

  • Batteries
  • Cleaning Tools, Wax Guards
  • Hearing Aid Driers
  • Tubing
  • Domes
  • Wax Softener, Dry and Itchy Ear Care

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